With more than 30 years of experience in the stocklots business, we have built a large network of both suppliers and customers. Our main focus have stayed in Europe, although our reach expands all over the world with long term partners in the Middle East, Northern Africa etc. We have the know how and the means to organise a quick and transparent transaction, starting from the inventory of the goods, swift transport and ending with re-labelling/packing if necessary. We will channel your goods to the right customers from our wide network without disturbing your home market.

Know for buying:

  • Warehouse surpluses
  • Excess stock
  • Short dated products
  • Bankruptcies
  • Discontinued products
  • We buy and sell the price

Key advantages:

  • Wide network
  • Trustworthy partner
  • Quick and efficient
  • Extensive experience
  • Own capital
  • Competitive edge

Main groups:

  • Household & Home
  • Electronics
  • Toys & hobby
  • Tools & garden items
  • Decoration
  • Consumables
  • Fashion & Cosmetics

We are always interested in the purchase of discontinued products, warehouse surpluses, excess stocks, short dated products, bankruptcies and all other kinds of stocks lots. As the product line we deal with is very wide, you can offer us all kinds of goods. We have experience in almost all market areas and are almost always willing to make an offer on your goods. We can help to solve your issues with excess stock, so you have room in your warehouse for new goods. We deal in the purchase of items from 1 pallet up to the full liquidation of companies including inventory and real estate.

After the acquisition of your products, we will channel it to our wide network of customers, which includes a batch of large distributors and retailers to small traders and everything in between. If needed, all of this can be done discreetly, under the radar without advertising and keeping in mind all the restrictions you may have put on the goods, in order to keep your main market untouched from the stocklots you have trusted us to clear.

The main advantages of having us as your stocklots partner, is that we have a very large network developed over 30 years, we work with our own capital and we have the expertise to move your goods to the right markets into the hands of right customers. All of this makes any transaction happen in a swift manner, without any unnecessary delays, as they say, time is money. Moreover, we are always interested in a crystal clear transparent deal for all parties involved.

All of the abovementioned of course means that we have always a competitive edge in mind and goods need to be sharply prices. One of our main mottos in doing business is that, we do not buy and sell goods, we always buy and sell the price. Feel free to contact us with any offers you have, so we can together make your business more effective, with unnecessary blocked storage space cleared and extra funds for new deals.


Extensive experience in the business

Channels to wide variety of customers and markets

Quick and transparent transactions

Very large product range knowledge

Always a competitive edge in mind

We buy and sell the price

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