P&B Holding BV

P&B Holding BV is an experienced international buyer and seller of stocklots clearance goods, which started under the name of HOJ Joosten. The name derives from the owner of the company Mr. John Joosten and is still actively used and also presented in our logo.

With more than 30 years in the business, we have built a wide network of suppliers and customers amongst whom we are known as a liable and trustworthy partner. Our reach expands all over the world with special focus on Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

We buy and sell the price !

We have the means to react quickly and efficiently in order to channel the goods from our suppliers to the right customers in the appropriate markets with a competitive edge always in mind.

We source out excess stocks, warehouse surpluses, discontinued products and other stocklots from our large collection of long-term suppliers, bankruptcy trustees and other contacts. The product line we deal in is very wide and ranges from small household stocks to full scale projects, where the liquidation of all aspects of large companies are involved.

This diverse supply of products are then channelled to our wide network of customers, which includes a batch of large distributors and retailers to small traders and everything in between.

All of the above has made P&B Holding BV a strong and highly effective partner to both our suppliers and customers alike, with them trusting their needs to dispose or acquire goods to us, so they can deal with their core business with their mind at ease.

We aspire to expand and grow with the everchanging market and trends every day. So rest assured, we are always in the middle of the game and ready to create a successful long lasting partnership for all parties involved.

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